Tension Straps
Tension Straps
Tension Straps
Tension Straps
Tension Straps
Tension Straps
Tension Straps
Tension Straps
Tension Straps

Tension Straps

G3 Genuine Guide Gear®
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Super tough and flexible, even at cold temperatures, G3 Tension Straps are for more than just holding skis together. More versatile and reliable than zip ties or duct tape, it's a good idea to always have a couple in your pack. 

Shorter sizes are great for skis and other gear. Longer sizes are useful for lashing bulky items to your pack, roof rack or bicycle.

The 400 mm Tension Strap is Small and compact; ideal for cords, pvc, and smaller gear in. 

The 500 mm Tension Strap is the go-to strap size for most needs in the backcountry or in the garage. 

The 650 mm Tension Strap is best for heavy-duty needs or to keep in the bottom of your pack just in case

  • Quickly Fasten: skis, camping gear, rooftop gear, etc.
  • Durable Fibreglass-filled Nylon Buckle
  • 3 Colors: Universal Red, Grip Blue, and Glide Teal
  • Non-marring, Non-conductive, Strong Grip, Holds Tight
  • Works Down to -40C
  • Adjustable: Min diameter 16.25mm. Max diameter 100mm, 150mm, and 190mm
  • Width: 20mm

Tech Specs

Lengths: 400mm/16in 500mm/20in 650mm/26in
Weight (kg): 24g 27g 32g

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brian W.
Always Great!

I have several of these and they are awesome. I bought these last few to add to my pack for their multi-functional tourniquet, splint, sled building and storage capabilities.

You never know when a tension strap or two will come in handy! Thanks for your review!

Christian d.M.
Love these

Amazing straps, have used them when I broke a binding and was able to keep skiing. I use them all the time to secure bikes on a bike rack and they work really well. I always keep a few in my pack.

Aubrey O.
Tough-Perfect Straps

Really like the combination of strength, with just-enough flexibility. Allows me to cinch/uncinch easily, completely, and quickly. G3 was excellent throughout.

The back country Swiss Army knife

You can never have too many of these in the pack. Great for jerry rigging a broken binding, holding gear together, lashing skis to packs, holding a splint to a broken arm! Super versatile and hand when your looking to rig something up temporarily.

Good but one unexpected issue

They're great. Buy some extra as your friends will "forget" to return them after they see them in action :)

Thanks for the review Jake! You can never have too many G3 straps!