The Skinny On Skins - Differences In The Virtues Of G3 Skins

G3 Alpinist Skins

There is such a thing as the perfect skin. It’s the ideal balance of climbing performance and downhill glide. G3 knows perfection can come in many forms, and we offer specific variations of it to match the expectations of our users. Skins have different value for different people, but the common denominator for G3 is creating a genuine product that does its job to the best of its ability.

The Alpinist climbing skins are G3’s signature ski touring tools. The sophisticated synthetic design matches efficiency with elegance and durability. G3’s unique tip attachments utilize a polyurethane cross bar directly laminated into the body of the skin, employing low profile, articulating hands that accommodate just about every ski tip style, and provide solid attachment points with no skin overlap, giving the skier or splitboarder (Yep, we have them for splitboards too, with their own specific tail hands as well) the best interface without extra fabric and weight bulking up under your tip shovels. On the back end, the new tail attachments are a proprietary advancement in design that is intuitive, effective and most of all secure.

Attention to detail can also be found in the rip strip that centers the glue side of the skin, making for less resistance when pulling them apart. As for adhering to your skis, the fully functioning non-toxic glue maintains its adhesion qualities to -30° C, the lowest on the market.

The skin fabric itself, called the plush, is supple and flat, minimizing weight while maximizing glide, the virtues of any skin worth its salt. With a nod to feminine civility, we’ve also made the Alpinst Elle, which offers all the virtues of the Alpinist with a different colour pattern on the plush.

For the traditionalist who loves the simplicity of spartan-inspired ski touring, the Expedition series is G3’s price point offering, featuring the same non-toxic solvent free glue, traditional tip loop connective system, rip strip, and can be trimmed to fit any length of ski. These are the tools to explore rough, uncharted territory. The MoMix skins take the craftsmanship of skin heritage to another level. Built with a blend of 70% mohair and 30% nylon, they value optimal glide and durability in cold, dry and firm conditions. Some veteran users argue they grip marginally better than Alpinists when the snow is firm and dry. MoMix (as with any mohair product) skins need a break in period, as initially the glide is not optimal as it will be after a week or so of use. (You can accelerate this by doing a couple runs down a groomer with the skins on). Once broken in, the glide is as good or better than Alpinist skins in colder/dryer climates.

However you perceive perfection, G3 strives to help you reach it, no matter how far and high you choose to go.