FINDr R3 Skis Take the Spotlight as 2024 Gear of the Year Award Winner


G3 is proud to announce that our 100% recyclable FINDr R3 Skis have been awarded the 2024 Gear of the Year Award by Backcountry Skiing Canada. This accolade is a testament to the exceptional design, innovation, and performance that the FINDr R3 Ski brings to the backcountry. Let's delve into what makes this ski stand out and why it deserves its place at the top.

Backcountry Skiing Canada writes: "When creating the new FINDr R3 Skis, G3 didn’t compromise the ski’s flex, weight, or durability and ensured the result was still a high-performance ski with all the same on-hill performance. The FINDr R3 Skis and the entire R3 line of skis are made from the same premium materials as before: carbon, polyurethane, resin, nylon, steel, magnets, titanal aluminum, and wood cores." They go on to add about G3's proprietary recycling technology: "The recycling process will recapture, repurpose, or recycle each of these materials which will help to reduce the demand for virgin resources and materials."

Also, magnetic contact points for effortless transitions, notches at the tail to help secure Climbing Skins tail straps, and rubberized tail bumpers are features that Backcountry Skiing Canada praised as thoughtful touches that won them over.

The real hero of the new FINDr R3 skis (and the full R3 line) is its recyclability. When an R3 ski reaches the end of its life, G3 will take the ski back (we'll pay the shipping!) and capture each separate component to be recycled, reused, or repurposed using a proprietary technology. This environmentally-friendly innovation means these G3 skis won't end up in landfills and all materials will find new life in other uses and  applications. Each ski has a QR code printed in the topsheet so you can scan and ship back the skis at anytime...recycling your skis doesn't get any easier than that. We invite you to read Backcountry's full FINDr R3 ski review at

Or visit Backcountry Skiing Canada on Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram.

FINDr R3 102

FINDr R3 102

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