Choosing The Right G3 Bindings

There are two primary families within G3’s alpine touring bindings - the ION and the ZED. Let’s talk about why you might want to choose one over the other.

They both feature the same great toe jaw mechanics, elasticity, and retention. And our focus on a simple and intuitive user experience is a key element to every G3 binding design. Reasons you may want to choose a ZED. The ZED is lighter and a more simple binding design. We have trimmed down the materials and design while still outperforming durability standards and expectations. The ZED is perfect for any ski that will be used primarily in the backcountry. It’s a great binding if you want to trim even more weight as you have the option to easily add or remove brakes without sacrificing performance.

ZED 12

ZED 12

Starting with the proven platform of the ION, we looked at every part, every mechanism, and every screw to evolve the idea of a fully-featured...

$363.00 Shop ZED 12

You may want to go with an ION if you are an aggressive skier who plans to use these skis in and out of bounds. The ION features a stout build leading to long term durability and power to push big skis around either up or down the hill.

Once you have chosen the right binding family you can choose the individual model with a quick understanding of your release value. If you are a heavier and/or more experienced skier you will ski at higher release values and will want to look at the ZED 12 or ION 12. Both of these bindings can accommodate release from 5 to 12. If you are a lighter or maybe a less experienced skier, you will want a lower release value so the ZED 9 with release from 3 to 9, or the ION 10 with release from 4 to 10 will be the right fit.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us.