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The G3 Bonesaw is streamlined, packable, lightweight, easily extendable and tough enough to cut through bone, wood, and ice. It features slots for easy attachment to your ski pole or shovel shaft and includes a lightweight nylon sheath and a 400 mm Tension Strap. Made with hardened stainless steel.

  • Off-set teeth (kerf) known for their superior and easy cutting
  • Built using streamlined stainless steel sheet for easy, flat packing
  • Curved rubber coated handle for comfortable grip
  • Attachment slots for ski pole or shovel shaft
  • Includes a lightweight sheath for safe packing and a 400 mm Tension strap for attachment options

Tech Specs

Lengths: 47cm/18in
Weight (kg): 169g
Weight (lb): 5.9oz
Blade Length: 35cm/14in

Customer Reviews

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Great saw

I use these saws for everything. They are light packable and cut a lot more than snow/ice

Tristan P.
Bone saw

I love how little room and weight this quality piece of gear takes up in my pack. The bottle opener is a clever addition.

Great saw

I had an older saw and it got lent to a friend and we'll...... It didn't come home so I bought another. This saw is versatile in that you can use it to cut wood as well as snow. It's built many a fire on ice climbing outings. You can't go wrong with this saw.

Strong, sturdy, like the straps

Overall very happy with this. I had the old one and it got ‘lost’ on a group tour last season. The new one is pretty much the same. I haven’t used the snow crystal card on the saw so I’m not sure if the black blade is better for that.

Jonathan G.
Features without being fancy

No snow saw is going to "blow your mind" or "change the way you tour", but one that works in all conditions and does exactly what you need is solid praise for a utility item. I've owned other saws that didn't blow my mind, but had quirks or ill-conceived features that slowly drove me insane (too long to fit in a day pack, blade deflects when it hits an ice crust, a fancy extension design that clogged and only worked with certain poles) and that came close to being whipped across a slope in a frustrated rage.
The G3's blade is stiff enough to saw through any layers STRAIGHT and PLUMB, it fits in my day pack (30L) with ease, and the handle is designed to attach to virtually anything you could use to extend it: shovel handle, pole, stick, ice axe shaft, that staff-thing that wizards carry...
If you want a saw that was designed by a marketing team, look elsewhere, but if you want a tool that cuts straight columns, has a nicely sized handle for gloved/mittened use, and can be strapped to anything with the ubiquitous tension/ski/Voile straps that are in everyone's pack, this is your weapon. The etched crystal screen is pretty handy for a quick glance at grains as well, eg when you want to examine where a column failed before continuing the test.
Disclosure: I'm a G3 Ambassador, but also put plenty of days on gear professionally and recreationally.