In Praise Of Low Angle Boot Top Pow

G3 athlete/mountain guide Lars Andrews of Whitecap Alpine just checked in with this twist of perspective; saying no to steep and deep, instead praising flat, mellow pow! Sounds like a good problem to have. Life up at Whitecap Alpine Lodge must be good.

Over the many years I have had the privilege of being a skier and Mountain Guide the focus has been on steep lines and face shots. To tell you the truth, Im kinda over that. The best skiing as far as Im concerned is 25 degree boot top pow.

Huh? really? Yup, best ever.

You see, skiing for me, is all about finding the perfect arc of the ski. Standing on a rail and letting the ski complete its natural and pure radius. Kind of like perfect trim on a surfboard, just enough to stay ahead of the breaking wave, but not speeding away down the line.

The feeling from this is indescribable and exquisite, better than face shots and better than 50 degrees. If the terrain is too steep, you need to put on the brakes, the ski slides sideways to the fall line. The ski is there to perform the act of stopping the flow of gravity. Fear and adrenaline just complicate the matter. Face shots just get in the way, and you can't see where you are going. Floating around in deep pow is nice, but everyone looks like a flailing bunny rabbit.

I am in love with the low angle, not complicated by stability and spacial variability. Providing enough momentum to hold a pure line and to follow the ski in its most basic and simple function.

Happy Sliding-Lars

Lars Andrews

Author: Lars Andrews

Certified IFMGA Mountain Guide and all around ripper, Lars was born into a life of ski touring and mountaineering at his family owned Whitecap Alpine Adventures, McGillivray Pass Lodge, BC. Passionate about the mountains and living an active life, Lars is immersed in backcountry skiing all winter long, from guided trips at his lodge to big mountain expeditions worldwide.