Not Too Broken To Ski

G3 Telemark athlete Becca Lesure skis hard with or without both arms. Here's a quick post she shared with us about her hand that couldn't stop her from skiing. The funniest part? She used a G3 Love Glove (skin maintenance accessory) to cover and protect her cast! Classic! Oh, and she's pretty darn excited about crushing everything in sight with her new ENZO bindings and Highball skis.

Being injured is never a good feeling, especially mid-season, but when it's an injury you can still go skiing with, it makes it easier to bear!

While skiing on Christmas day I badly broke two metacarpal in my left hand, calling for surgery soon after. While this put me out of work for two months, I was down from skiing for a much shorter time. Having a broken hand isn't terrible in the grand scheme of injury, but it does take pole planting, or even grasping, out of the picture. Out along with that goes shoveling, probing, among a few of the more important things involved in backcountry skiing. What has made this a little easier on me is the amount of incredible terrain accessible at my home mountain, Moonlight Basin.

This image from atop the ridge is one of my happiest of places.

Local photographer Ryan Day Thompson used creativity and some sturdy limbs in taking some shots with my broken limb.

Photo by Ryan Day Thompson Photography.

Photo by Ryan Day Thompson Photography.

Becca Lesure

Author: Becca Lesure

Skiing since she was two, Becca picked up her first tele set up at age 11 and hasn't looked back. No longer a kid at 26 years young and standing over 6 feet tall, Becca is a force to be reckoned with on the mountain. She recently jumped into big mountain freeskiing and telemarking competitions two years ago, and already topped the podium at the 2011 Grand Targhee Big Mountain Telemark Competition. Follow Becca at for her ski antics at home at Moonlight Basin, Montana and beyond.