Heli Touring On Mt. Currie

With an amazing amount of spring snowfall in the Whistler/Pemberton, BC area, followed by some stable conditions and blue sky in April, backcountry skiers around the region were checking things off their bucket list. Here's a quick TR from G3 skier Andy Traslin...

Mt.Currie is an iconic peak. Easily viewed as you enter the town of Pemberton, BC, that begs to be skied. I've been eyeing it since the early days of jump turns. I first saw a short video of Trevor Peterson and Eric Pehota getting dropped off in a heli and shredding an ice runnel as the spring snow sluffed at each turn on skinny skis.

I missed my opportunity to get dropped off for $65 in the 90's. I remember a quote, "The mountain will always be there", but I didn't think if would actually take this long to get there. There are seemingly endless lines to ski in the Coast range that are easily accessed without a heli, so I just chose to walk to most of them along the way.

Currie was always in the back of my mind, so it was cool to finally pull it off this spring, even if it was with 11 other people. We split up to six people per chute, each descending in groups of three at a time. The experience was a lot different than slogging up through the depths below, fighting through trees and looming cornices overhead teetering in the mid day sun.

Great skiing on another classic Coast line.