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SLAYr 114 Factory Seconds Kit

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This ski kit comes with Factory Seconds SLAYr 114 Skis, ELEMENTS Glide Climbing Skins, CRAFT ZED 12 Bindings, and Past Season ZED Brakes.

CRAFT ZED 12 Bindings are made with the same high-quality parts as our other ZED Bindings and you can expect the same level of performance. The only difference is that they are made with a combination of grey and black parts, which may change between batches due to this limited production run. For our CRAFT family of gear, G3 offers a manufacturing warranty on performance but not for cosmetic appearance.

The SLAYr is freeride skiing at its ideal balance of lightweight, playfulness, and downhill performance. Super easy and fun to ski regardless of skill level, this ski is equally at home on big lines in far-off locales as it is buttering through the local trees on a powder day.

Note: At G3 we have some of the highest production standards. Occasionally we receive a product with a small cosmetic blemish that doesn't impact performance such as a small scratch or discoloration. It's typically something that you wouldn't even notice after a few days of wear and tear. This is reflected in the reduced price. Please note we cannot catalogue each issue with each product. Also we will offer a full warranty around the product's performance but will not do returns/exchanges pertaining to the cosmetic blemish. 

  • Polyurethane Sidewalls
  • Full Carbon Fibre Construction
  • Magnetic Contact Points at Tip & Tail
  • Two Tip-to-Tail layers of Titanal Aluminum
  • Ultralight Custom Wood core

Tech Specs

Lengths: 178cm 185cm 190cm 195cm
Weight (kg): 1.61kg 1.69kg 1.73kg 1.79kg
Weight (lb): 3lb 9oz 3lb 12oz 3lb 13oz 3lb 15oz
Radius: 20.5m 22.7m 24.1m 25.5 m
Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 143/114/128mm

Flat Camber With Early Rise

Flat Camber With Early Rise

The profile of the SLAYr is designed to be playful and easy to ski, yet stable at speed for big lines and aggressive skiing. Theearly rise in the tip and tail is drifty and fun while the flat to slightly positive camber underfoot retains power at high speeds.

SLAYr Construction

SLAYr Construction

1. Textured co-extruded nylon topsheet - durable & sheds snow/ice

2. PolyUrethane sidewall - durability & dampness

3. 2 layers of carbon fibre, triaxial stitched - strong, light &torsionally stable

4. 7000 series Titanal aluminum sheets - dampness & power

5. Balsa wood core with 45 degree wood grain direction - unparalleled weight to performance

6. 2 layers of carbon fibre, triaxial stitched - strong, light &torsionally stable

7. Full thickness hardened steel edges - corrosion & dent resistant

8. Full thickness base - durable, long-lasting & fast

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