ION 10 (Past Season)
ION 10 (Past Season)

ION 10 (Past Season)

G3 Genuine Guide Gear®
Brake Width
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The ION's proven performance, simplicity, and reliability in a high value model with a lower release range of 4-10 for smaller and less aggressive skiers.

We've maximized energy absorption, meaning minimized pre-releases. The ION maintains consistent release values in landings and compressions. Features step-in guidance for quick, easy & consistent step-in. QuickFlick Heel Lifts means they're easy to grab with pole or hand. Turn the ION heel in either direction to lock for touring with either hand.  The snow clearing channel prevents snow buildup and avoids unwanted pre-releases. Heel AFD gives consistent release for all boots, independent of sole type. Includes powerful & dependable brakes.

The same advanced technology as the new 2022 model, just with a different colour scheme.

  • Optimal energy absorption
  • Step-In Guidance : Quick, easy & consistent step-in
  • QuickFlick heel lifts
  • User friendly heel rotation
  • Single Tool : Pozi Drive #3 for all mounts and adjustments
  • Snow clearing channel
  • Powerful, dependable brake
  • Heel AFD : Consistent release for all boots
  • Width : Bindings will fit most skis up to 5mm above the stated width (ex. An ION 10, 85 mm binding will fit most skis up to 90mm width)

Tech Specs

Brake Width (mm): 85mm 100mm 115mm 135mm
Weight (kg): 579g
Weight (lb): 1lb 4.4oz
Release Value: 4 - 10

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Ben H.
Great binding

This is my 3rd G3 binding.
They have always functioned great and are reliable.
Would definitely buy the Ion again

Tania B.
So much better than the competition!!

I switched to ION 10 after a gear fail in icy conditions with my Dynafit bindings that led to quite a nasty injury and a long hike off a mountain. ION 10s are life changing - intuitive, easy to use and rock solid!! Love them.

Juan O.

I already had the ion 12 (the old model) and use them really hard for 5 years and never had a problem. Just changed for the new model cause can’t be real that they last so long. Still have the old ones just in case for replacement. But doubt that I’ll need them.

Grey h.s.
Great binding

I really like this binding. I have used the Dynafit Radical ST bindings for 6 years now and the Ions are much better. Easier to step into, lightweight, and they ski very well.

Molly A.
Love them

Had these bindings for a year and have never had an issue - I love them!