FINDr FLX 94 Factory Seconds - Skis - G3 Store [CAD]
FINDr FLX 94 Factory Seconds - Skis - G3 Store Canada
FINDr FLX 94 Factory Seconds - Skis - G3 Store [CAD]
FINDr FLX 94 Factory Seconds - Skis - G3 Store [CAD]
FINDr FLX 94 Factory Seconds - Skis - G3 Store [CAD]

FINDr FLX 94 Factory Seconds

G3 Genuine Guide Gear®
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Glass fibre construction and Polyurethane sidewalls transforms the beloved FINDr 94 shape to a high performing 50/50 ski for pursuits both in and out of bounds and improves durability and strength overall.

The FINDr FLX 94 is an excellent option for intermediate level skiers who are looking for performance but don't want to pay the premium for carbon.

Note: At G3 we have some of the highest production standards. Occasionally we receive a product with a small cosmetic blemish that doesn't impact performance such as a small scratch or discoloration. It's typically something that you wouldn't even notice after a few days of wear and tear. This is reflected in the reduced price. Please note we cannot catalogue each issue with each product. Also we will offer a full warranty around the product's performance but will not do returns/exchanges pertaining to the cosmetic blemish. 

  • NEW: Now with magnets
  • Polyurethane sidewalls for best-in-class dampness
  • Modern ski built for precision across the mountain
  • Ski in and out of bounds with ease
  • Glass fibre construction for added dampness on hardpack
  • Super light textured nylon topsheet - durable & sheds snow/ice
  • Traditional camber profile with early rise

Tech Specs

Lengths: 154cm 162cm 167cm 172cm 177cm 182cm 187cm
Weight (kg): 1.62kg 1.68kg 1.74kg 1.79kg 1.84kg 1.89kg 1.94kg
Weight (lb): 3lb 9oz 3lb 11oz 3lb 13oz 3lb 15oz 4lb 1oz 4lb 3oz 4lb 4oz
Radius: 14.7m 16.7m 18m 19.4m 20.7m 22.2m 23.7m
Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 126/94/113mm

Traditional Camber with Early Rise - FINDr

Traditional Camber with Early Rise - FINDr

Built to excel in ski mountaineering applications, hard and mixed snow conditions, and to give maximum edge control, the FINDr features a traditional camber profile. This true alpine touring ski includes an early-rise tip to give additional float in deep snow.

FINDr Construction

FINDr Construction

1.  Super light textured nylon topsheet - durable & sheds snow/ice

2.  PolyUrethane sidewall - durability & dampness

3.  Lightweight hardened steel edges - corrosion & dent resistant

4.  Triaxial glass - torsion, flex & value

5.  3D shaped poplar/paulownia wood core – light, lively, & high performance

6.  Full thickness base - durable, long-lasting & fast

7.  Titanal aluminum mounting plate - mount integrity & dampness

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Great light skis that go down well. Very happy of the quality of the product.
20+ years of alpine skiing.

Findr 94 telemark setup

A great ski for telemarking with the magnetic grab makes carrying my skis with ease!

Andy L.

Shipped in record time


This is the first season I have skied on G3 skis and this model was purchased as my touring/resort ski.

The FLX is an easy turning, smooth and stable ski. It is more than just a ski that does everything well and can satisfy a wide range of skier abilities.

Both pairs of G3 skis I purchased this year(FINDr 86 and FLX) have exceeded my expectations.

FINDr FLX 2nds A Joe Ultralight Six Pack Review (Part 1)

Age - 66 yrs.
Years on Skis - 52.
Years Skiing - About 2
Height - 5'6".
Weight - 150 or so Lbs.
Geographic Area - Central Wasatch
Ski - FINDr FLX 94 172 cm
Binding - Zed 9/brakes
Boots - Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon, Fischer Travers CS

Other Skis in the collection, all mounted with Zed 12/Leashes;
Transalp 98 CTI 176cm
Hannibal 96 176 cm
Transalp 92 CTI Pro 176 cm

FINDr 86 177cm

The G3 skis are the first pairs I have owned.

Brief - My day usually starts out with an early morning tour and returning to ski inbounds with the commander and friends. The commander is the woman who told me if I sold the sailboat I could have all the ski equipment I wanted. It'll be cheaper she quipped.

The FLX was chosen to fill a void in my touring quiver. I did not have a ski oriented toward hamster wheel accessed terrain (inbounds). Because the FLX's are inbound biased for me, brakes will be used.

First Impression/observations as I have not ridden them yet.

The skis appear to be well finished, the bases are flat and there are no observable defects.

Single ski and binding weigh in @ 601g per ski heavier than my lightest touring ski and binding.

I am unable to tell you how a ski will ski for you by me flexing it. I can only get an idea what it might be like for me and I am liking the feedback. I expect to be able to initiate, hold and finish a turn weather on loud powder or softer deeper snow.

I will provide an on snow review when the weather cooperates.